Introducing The Good Grid – Community Reentry Portal

March 21, 2014

Protech Solutions, Inc. and the Arkansas Community Correction (ACC) have created a partnership to plan and implement a comprehensive social services portal designed to systematically address and reduce recidivism among felony offenders in the State of Arkansas.

This initiative is called The Good Grid, and we envision that it will serve as a one-stop ecosystem for delivering services to those in need. The Good Grid’s mission is to combine performance and philanthropy in order to enable students, organizations, businesses, government agencies, foundations, and volunteers to realize their full potential, impact, and connectedness in social service to help those in need.


The Good Grid is scheduled for a phased implementation starting in the fourth quarter of 2014. Here are some feature highlights:


comprehensive directory of service providers, community partners, volunteers and businesses that form a trusted and safe environment for delivering reintegration services

 An intelligent jobs & resumes matching system to facilitate quick and relevant job searches and job postings, along with the ability to obtain jobs postings from 10,000+ job boards daily   A collaborative volunteer management system that signs up volunteers and service organizations to support our ex-offenders as they navigate their way back into society 
 A state-of-the-art Community Reintegration Case Management System that is integrated with ACC’s outreach operations   A crowd-funding service that allows funders to donate and view the progress of the projects and causes that they have supported 

 An integrated data exchange to securely share relevant data and provide cooperative services


The Good Grid was built on the following founding principles:

  1. Many in need are unable to achieve their full potential due to a variety of societal and infrastructural problems – We believe that in order to improve the lives of people, a holistic approach needs to be taken. We know the importance of addressing all aspects of reentry by covering all the bases through an integrated support system.
  2. Most people in need require the services of many different organizations – However there are currently wide disparities in operational processes, capabilities, and goals between these organizations which have often resulted in isolated, fragmented, or duplicative services offered to those most in need. Our goal is to provide a platform for these service providers to work together in a cohesive, organized, and efficient manner.
  3. Anyone and everyone can make an impact – Every person has a part to play in improving the lives of those in need, which is why it is imperative for service providers, charitable foundations, and individual volunteers to all work together in order to create the largest possible impact in improving society. The Good Grid looks to ultimately leverage this interconnectedness in order to realize the collective impact that we have on those in need and on enabling them to reach their potential as successful and productive members of the community.

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