Imaging Solutions: An Overview

August 06, 2013
In this blog post, we will give an overview of managing, displaying, and printing images of documents for the State of Arkansas. 
Many people don’t really know what an imaging solution is. Here is a run-through of how our system works in Arkansas: Imaging of system-generated notices that are returned by the individual receiving the notice, such as a postmaster letter or an Non-Custodial Parent notice for a show cause (court) hearing. The system bar codes these notices, so that when they are returned to the system, either through a central high-speed scanning facility or through county office scanners, the bar codes are recognized and appropriate workflow actions are triggered within DECSS.

State Disbursement Units (SDU) receive checks, money orders, employer payments, and other documents on a daily basis. To provide a complete online view of payments in DECSS (case management system), images of these checks and supporting documents from the SDU process should be visible.

Child support offices work with large volumes of a variety of paper documents that are external to the system, such as birth certificates, death certificates, other state orders, paternity affidavits, and proof of income data. Images of these documents are uploaded in DECSS for easy access and retrieval by caseworkers, customer service representatives, court staff, and other authorized users to better manage their daily workloads and advance case processing through many workflows.

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